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Behind the scenes of the Clinton 2016 campaign with hotshot authors @amieparnes + @jonallendc this am on @CBSThisMorning (!)
Tune into @CBSEveningNews tonite at 6:30pm -- I'll be reporting more on sexual harassment in the American workplace.
Solid analysis of the (significant) challenges facing the GOPs latest Obamacare replacement plan via @russellberman https://t.co/yM3USuhSrA
This seems problematic. Via @ThePlumLineGS
This seems problematic. Via @ThePlumLineGS
How the rise of Trump led to the downfall of Bill O'Reilly. My post-mortem, via @TheAtlantic -- https://t.co/e8y7AbU12f
"Scientists find giant, elusive clam known as ‘the unicorn of mollusks’" aka THE GIANT SHIPWORM. https://t.co/XxrbH0QUni
More Pew: 81 percent of blacks disapprove of Trump. 71 percent "disapprove strongly." https://t.co/KLljfSO9Cu
Pew: GOP more trusted on terrorism, economy, trade, but Ds now winning on immigration, foreign policy, healthcare: https://t.co/GE0Y59DPTR
"Many newly empowered Trump voters didnt associate their own coverage w/the coverage they voted to repeal + replace" https://t.co/j7rnokEvoh
Memo to the Trump WH: Today’s crime rate is less than half of what it was in 1991. New report via the @BrennanCenter https://t.co/atHIn26FmQ
Apparently "calculated misery" is a thing -- airlines use it to push customers to "upgrade to avoid hell" : https://t.co/Z7Ard4DZ6W
Its never a good day to have to clarify one's remarks about the Holocaust, but Passover seems *particularly* bad: https://t.co/pw3jWLEEFM
Just received an email about "Micro Dosing Cannabis in the workplace" which is obviously either spam or highly targeted email outreach.
"Unclear whether Sean Spicer will *reprise* his appearance in a bunny suit for the event, as he did under GW Bush": https://t.co/L0OAGwrp0Z
Relevant to Bill O'Reilly debate: Only 1/4-1/3 people harassed at work report it. Only 2-13% file a formal complaint https://t.co/gGAgGyEnO8
In case it wasn't abundantly clear from her ace reporting for the @nytimes -- @maggieNYT is a TOTAL BOSS: https://t.co/zXLeMTTFia
Trump, at bilat w/Pres. Xi, flanked by Bannon, Powell, Cohn, Kushner, Mnuchin, Tillerson, Mattis, Priebus, Powell + Ross. AKA: Everyone.
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