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meet dr james makokis a two spirit cree specialist who combines indigenous and western teachings to create a u
Meet Dr. James Makokis, a Two-Spirit Cree specialist who combines Indigenous and Western teachings to create a unique approach to transgender care.

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The Hill
watch crowd erupts in cheers as inslee declares trump the biggest threat to the security of the united states
WATCH: Crowd erupts in cheers as Inslee declares Trump “the biggest threat to the security of the United States" #DemDebate
CBS News
on the candidates in tonight s there are a bunch of folks who should be doing better than they areof all thos
.@HariSevugan on the candidates in tonight's #DemDebate: "There are a bunch of folks who should be doing better than they are...of all those folks, [Julian] Castro definitely had the best night"
map before and after the demdebate
Map: before and after the #DemDebate
Los Angeles Times
former rep beto o rourke breaks out into spanish during his opening at tonight s democratic presidential debat
Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke breaks out into Spanish during his opening at tonight's Democratic presidential debate.
after alden richards it is now the turn of his other half in the aldub love team to collaborate with a kapamil
After Alden Richards, it is now the turn of his other half in the “AlDub” love team to collaborate with a Kapamilya star for a big-screen project.

Maine Mendoza will be working with Carlo Aquino in an upcoming movie titled "Isa Pa With Feelings."
Jamil Smith
to a large extent pete buttigieg got the attention that juliancastro deserved
To a large extent, Pete Buttigieg got the attention that @JulianCastro deserved.
The New York Times
president jair bolsonaro of brazil has vowed to pursue drug traffickers relentlessly so it was an extraordinar
President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has vowed to pursue drug traffickers relentlessly. So it was an extraordinary embarrassment when Spanish police seized 86 pounds of cocaine from a staff member on his presidential plane.
my assessment nbc decided that warren is their person so they focused on her probably because they know biden
my assessment: NBC decided that Warren is their person. so they focused on her. probably because they know Biden is toast.
Daniel Dale
update to the cnn fact check from tonight many of the claims we checked were true or largely true
Update to the CNN fact-check from tonight: Many of the claims we checked were true or largely true.
Anderson Cooper 360°
it was julian castro that came out of nowhere says on tonight s nobody was talking about castro he did the tex
"It was [Julián] Castro that came out of nowhere," says @VanJones68 on tonight's #DemDebate. "Nobody was talking about Castro. He did the Texas takedown. Turned around, clocked Beto. You never saw it coming... he bought himself a lifeline and that's why I love these debates."
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