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  3. federal workers braved the cold in washington, dc to tell trump to reopen the government.
Federal workers braved the cold in Washington, DC to tell Trump to reopen the government.
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Federal workers braved the cold in Washington, DC to tell Trump to reopen the government.


In Alabama, the offers for help for furloughed government employees are coming in from many sources.

Here are some resources for workers during the shutdown. https://t.co/5CJEJaLiVZ
Sen. Chuck Schumer is pushing legislation that would protect government workers who can't pay their bills because of the government shutdown https://t.co/Y3izKmFTIk
President Trump has accused the Democrats of putting politics before security by rejecting his proposal to end the partial government shutdown before even seeing it.
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Democrats reiterate demand: Reopen the government before negotiations on border security

'SNL' has Baldwin's Trump play 'Deal or No Deal' with the government shutdown https://t.co/uvv48arYX8
Washington Post writer describes "bizarre moment" he was handed phone in Paris restaurant with Trump on the other end https://t.co/9NqqPlJgBm
President Trump sought to break the government shutdown impasse Saturday, offering to extend protections for young people brought to the country illegally as children, if Democrats give him $5.7 billion for his long-promised border wall. https://t.co/9e3bDvwETG
Pence says Trump "set the table for a deal that will address the crisis on our border, secure our border and give us a pathway" to reopen the government.
The #Gamecocks are giving federal workers up to 4 complimentary tickets! They just have to show their government ID at the box office on game day. #chsnews #scnews #GovernmentShutdown
MLK national park to reopen during the government shutdown >>> https://t.co/aKB9Wt34QI
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