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We welcomed the stunning BOAC livery this morning at London Heathrow. Replay our live coverage: #BA100 @British_Airways
.@FCBayern arrived on board @lufthansa Airbus A350 D-AIXC in Manchester this morning for tomorrow's match vs @LFC
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Was your flight delayed 3h+? Regarding EU regulation, we can help you to claim up to 600 EUR on
London Heathrow cam caught @British_Airways Boeing 747-400 landing in BOAC livery this morning. Live 24/7:
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Thomas Cook #MT302 diverted to Manchester after burning fuel over the North Sea. Live:
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The Most Relevant

ALERT Irish Aviation Authority is investigating after #BA94 and #VS76 pilots reported UFO off Irish coast (video with ATC)
BREAKING According to our source, Turkish president Ardogan left the country in his private presidential jet
BREAKING Operations stopped at Mexico City Airport after 7.1 earthquake, all flights on hold or diverting
BREAKING No survivors after Lion Air #JT610 Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash in Indonesia – search and rescue agency confirms
The only photo of Concorde flying at Mach 2 taken by Adrian Meredith from a Tornado over Irish Sea in April 1985.
LIVE Thai Airways #TG917 Boeing 777-300 to Bangkok just returned to London Heathrow after one hour flight - reason unknown
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ALERT Two Air Algeria pilots suspended for letting a child handle a plane in flight
BREAKING New daylight photos released of Pegasus flight #PC8622 accident at Trabzon Airport, Turkey
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