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Final Daily Politics/PMQs EVER!!! Coming up on BBC2 now.
The wage mystery: employment hits yet another record high but wage growth slows: average weekly earnings in 3 months to May rose 2.5%, down from 2.6% in 3 months to April. So real wages still stagnant. Bad for GDP growth, undermines case for interest rate rise.
Astonishing Trump/Putin press conference: Trump doubts U.S. intelligence, endorses Putin denial of meddling in 2016 US election. Trump refuses to denounce Russian meddling. When Putin denies meddling, Trump nods!
Not a car on the road where we are in France. And the excitement is palpable. #AllezLesBlues
So Mr Trump advised Mrs May to sue the EU. On what basis, exactly, would have been the litigation?
Let’s be clear about Tory rules: if there are 48 letters from Tory MPs against May, that triggers a vote of confidence among Tory MPs. If she loses that, there’s a leadership contest. If she wins, can’t be challenged again for a year.
So Mueller has nailed official Russian attempts, on a broad front, to influence 2016 US election. Evidence detailed and compelling. We await evidence that Trump or his team colluded. That, as Nixon used to say, would be the big enchilada.
Special counsel Mueller has yet to provide evidence about whether Trump or his associates worked in concert with the Russians. If it’s there, he’s expected to reveal before summer is out.
Since May 2017 appointment, Mueller charged 32 people, inc. 26 Russians. Grand jury indictments contain detailed allegations of how Russia sought to manipulate 2016 election thru social media, break into state voting systems, hack email accounts of Democratic committees, leaders.
Brexit troubles taking their toll on May and Tories. Hardly surprising but more grist to Tory rebel mill.
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