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Venta Maersk, a new ice-strengthened Danish containership, is on its way through the still ice-plagued North East passage (north of Russia) from Asia to Europe. It’s a trial run to see if global warming is making this a viable sea route in summer.
After my visit to Bowral and the wonderful Don Bradman cricket museum I rewatched the whole TV “Bodyline” drama series. Great TV, even tho it was first aired 1984. It’s on YouTube. Highly recommended. Oz TV but v fair to Brits, who were not the good guys.
Really? Give me a name.
Ruth Davidson rules out EVER running for Tory leadership, saying she values her mental health too highly to seek the role of prime minister. In Sunday Times Magazine interview she reveals that her teenage years were plagued by self-harm, suicidal thoughts and bouts of depression.
Now Governor Carney belatedly says he didn’t predict house prices would collapse with no-deal Brexit, sometime after the claim makes most front pages and becomes “fact”. From Dublin, he now claims he didn’t make prediction, just that Bank could cope if it happened #looselips
I find this surprising and in need of greater corroboration because:

1. Michael Foot was not a Soviet sympathiser.

2. He wasn’t that interested in money.https://t.co/Zne4p34qyL
Best joke of week: the claim that Petrov & Boshirov, our Russian nerve agent double act, were put off by a dusting of British snow from walking from train station to Salisbury cathedral (you know, the one with the 'world famous 123 metre spire’). Russians not used to snow, obvs.
European Central Bank shaves its forecasts for Eurozone growth by 0.1 percentage points for this year and next, to 2% and 1.8% respectively. Expects eurozone inflation to average 1.7% this year and the following two years.
Incumbent Andrew Cuomo sees off left-wing challenge from Cynthia Nixon (of Sex & the City fame) in New York Democratic gubernatorial primary with two to one victory. Expected.
The TV testimony of Petrov & Boshirov, who the British accuse of the Salisbury nerve agent attack against the Skripals, is funnier than any Morcambe & Wise skit.
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