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Latest Scoops

A remarkable change in US voting patterns.
Lots of noise in the Sunday papers re Theresa May but so far nothing that really takes the story on.
On US mid-term election night the races for governor of Georgia and senator and governor of Florida were all called for Republicans. Then recounts suggested they could go Democrat. But they’ve all gone Republican. By v small margins.
CIA concludes killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi carried out on orders of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Official says agency assessment isn’t based on “smoking gun” evidence of crown prince’s involvement but on “an understanding of how Saudi Arabia works.”
You’re a liar. Sales of The Scotsman reached record highs during my period as Publisher and were still a healthy 75,000 when we sold in 2005. We pumped millions into the title and its sister titles plus built best new newsroom in the UK. Let’s see your workers’ buyout do betterhttps://t.co/miOVYDnrRt
Last night’s @bbcthisweek got over 1m viewers and an audience share of over 21%. Remarkable figures for a show that came on air just before midnight.
Reports that “gang of five” cabinet ministers led by M Gove urging Mrs May to go back to Brussels to seek substantive changes to her Withdrawal Agreement. Everything I hear strongly suggests EU in no mood to do that.
Leading Brexiteers in DC to talk US-UK Free Trade Agreement https://t.co/TCVKCtvzC8
So status quo, really.
It’s Judgement Day on This Week. So don’t miss it. After Question Time tonight on BBC1 — which means later than usual 23:50 (thanks schedulers).
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