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@jimwindolf @peterframptonPress was vicious. When Frampton played in Bowie’s band on a 1987 stadium tour, the Village Voice asked, as I recall: “Who put him there? Satan?”
Supreme Court to Hear Case on Census Citizenship Question
Supreme Court agrees to hear case on adding citizenship question to census, scheduling arguments for April. Term just got more interesting.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attends the justices’ private conference today, her first time back at the Supreme Court since cancer surgery in December.
Here’s the calendar for the April Supreme Court sitting, the last scheduled one of the term. If the court takes the census case, it may be argued in the afternoon or in May.
Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion law while case moves forward. Vote was 5-4, with Chief Justice Roberts joining the four liberals.
By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court allows the execution of a Muslim inmate in Alabama whose request that his imam be present was denied by prison officials.
“I’m probably the most aggressive defender of the First Amendment on the court now”
— Chief Justice Roberts, yesterday (around 26:00)
Alabama asks the Supreme Court to allow the execution to proceed without the Muslim inmate’s imam
Domineque Ray, a Muslim inmate set to be executed Thursday, wanted his imam present. But Alabama said he could only have a Christian chaplain. Eleventh Circuit issues stay, citing "powerful Establishment Clause claim.”

The Most Relevant

PACER charges 10 cents a page for electronic access to federal court filings. Actual cost of storage and transmission, by one estimate: $0.0000006 per page. What access to public records ought to cost: zero.
For instance: Eighth Circuit affirmed an obstruction of justice enhancement based partly on an “I hope” statement
Unnamed donors, sitting judges, secrecy pledges and loyalty oaths at Heritage Foundation “training academy” for law clerks. After questions from The Times, the passages below were deleted from the application materials.
I’ve covered five other Supreme Court confirmation hearings. None of them included anything like the chaos in the opening minutes of the Kavanaugh hearings this morning.
Justice Gorsuch will address a conservative group next month, at the Trump International Hotel, naturally
“I have wondered if black people even have souls,” said a juror in a death penalty case. On Monday, the Supreme Court called for a legal do-over.
Russell Baker on what journalism schools should teach:
It took a year and 45 days to build the Empire State Building.
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