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Latest Scoops

The search for a Guerneville kidnapping suspect and his alleged victim is over. They have both been found. https://t.co/Cz1p1wbVxK
A business closes, but you've prepaid for their services. Are you entitled to your money back? https://t.co/SejBgb6XJH
Authorities in Sonoma County are searching for a domestic violence kidnapping suspect and his victim. https://t.co/ZJrDFEiDqu
Vacation rentals found on #Airbnb can provide a great alternative to your summer getaway. But how do you know what you saw online is what you're going to get? And even worse, could it be unsafe? https://t.co/TBJawjoJKJ
"I just want to say to the men of this country, just shut up and step up. Do the right thing." https://t.co/Z6Cj3kqGBD
"Disgusting that he could watch a videotape of his own crime but at the same time we have something called the constitution which allows him to do it," one lawyer involved in the case said. https://t.co/upA3Yk4vDq
“I think it's very important to have the truth because when a woman comes forward, that takes great courage." Powerful women in CA politics speak out about upcoming Kavanaugh hearing: https://t.co/Au6hjDuzjk
One young soccer fans dream is coming true, thanks to the @SJEarthquakes. https://t.co/eKfKRTTqgM
You walk into a home and find a man with a gun...he starts shooting. What do you do? This is how a new simulator is helping the SFPD make split-second, life changing decisions. @vicleeabc7 shows you how it works: https://t.co/beyeBm5Vwr.
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