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Latest Scoops

Calling all @StarWars fans! @Disney has released new details about two rides coming to "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.” https://t.co/ffRGLLUrrz
On this day in 1978, @RepSpeier was shot and left to die in what became the largest mass murder-suicide in U.S. history. She says the lesson we need to learn from the #JonestownMassacre is to be vigilant about religions that operate in secrecy. #Jonestown https://t.co/JnbCw1owEA
#Chipotle says it has re-trained its staff in order to prevent an issue like this from happening again. https://t.co/nmYaNtB5zb
Wondering how long to cook a #turkey? Stuffed or unstuffed? Fresh, frozen, brined, or defrosted? Here’s what you should know before #Thanksgiving: https://t.co/mcKBwtSpXD
On this day in 1978, @RepSpeier was shot and left for dead in the largest mass murder-suicide in American history. She opened up to ABC7 about the ordeal that haunts her to this day. #Jonestown https://t.co/oxNC4UZin5
An event and march to mark the 40th anniversary of the #JonestownMassacre have been canceled in San Francisco. Here's a look at other events that have been impacted by poor air quality in the Bay Area. https://t.co/xcv7rf0woK
The tale about the GoFundMe encounter described by officials as a hoax has taken a new turn. The woman accused in the scam is turning against her now ex-boyfriend and the homeless veteran. https://t.co/k3vAs2m534
#JCPenney could be headed for the same fate as #Sears -- bankruptcy. https://t.co/6EHEB6jABG
Santa Clara police were notified about the discovery of a man's body amid a high-profile missing persons case involving a 49ers fan. https://t.co/0lZLFokFEN
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