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Latest Scoops

Royal Christmas cuteness! Prince William and Prince Harry shared holiday cards featuring their growing families:
Movie magic: Inside the visual effects of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' - ABC News - https://t.co/TXZcCS4NcF via @ABC
'Polite' serial robber wanted for targeting restaurants https://t.co/oDUdhke4Vi
DWI CRASH: Authorities say a suspected drunk driver was speeding when he went airborne and slammed into a utility pole in north Houston. https://t.co/NJvyr6Ic7r
Does Santa need a rebrand? A company is offering that holiday hypothesis. https://t.co/EcX3rMBKF8
Suspected DWI driver splits car in half after crashing into pole https://t.co/Da0PrmiQvU
BREAKING: Search for inmate with Houston ties who was mistakenly let out of Montgomery County jail
Tensions erupt before vote on future of failing HISD schools https://t.co/BIsAN4HHrx
SUNNY WEEKEND! After a cold cloud, and windy Friday, the sun returns with highs in the mid-60s Sunday
2 killed in crash that left vehicles in pieces on Hwy 99 https://t.co/voHHlXItSK
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