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SNP MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.

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@twychy1 @HeartScotNewsIt should save a lot of lives and a great deal of heartache. It would be fantastic if Scotland could give this test to the world.
The UK Government has revoked the citizenship of Shamima Begum.
Opinion: "Viewed from abroad, the UK has become an international laughing-stock"
Former Militant Derek Hatton has been readmitted to The Labour Party - 33 years after being kicked out.

A Labour MP said the decision "absolutely beggars belief" on the same day seven of their number quit the party.
Scotland's First Minister is expected to hit out at the UK Government in a speech to be delivered in the French Parliament today.
@DigitalSpirit1 I doubt Honda will waste their time engaging with him. The clearly have more important work to undertake. It is clear the Japanese no longer trust the UKGov.
Prepare for a united Ireland, Sinn Féin tells unionists
The Scottish Government has banned private companies from carrying out benefits assessments because:

'Profit should never be a motive in assessing eligibility for benefits'.
Good to know Kevin. You certainly aren't alone.
@crabbitgit @tarisgal42The trickle will turn into a torrent. Business in 21C cannot operate from a failing state that has chosen to isolate itself from the world without a single international trade agreement. Not one! That means you can neither export nor import.

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This gentleman walked to the polling station to place his vote. He is 101 years old. For many this is the experience of #CatalanReferendum
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The People's Party of Spain spokesman, Esteban González Pons, has insulted the Minister of the Interior of Belgium.
In my opinion, having observed 4 polling stations, the poll was conducted properly, reliably and the result is valid
Spain's Guardia Civil has started arresting young people for posting messages on Facebook. #Democracia #EU
"Tony Blair blocked coroner’s inquest into death of Dr David Kelly ‘within minutes’ of body being found, explosive new book claims"
Congratulations to Catalonia. It is now incumbent on Spain to respect the decision and international law #Democracia
The United Nations has called on Spain to release all political prisoners. #Democracia
A political prisoner held by the Spanish Government, Joaquim Forn, has tested positive for "the bacterium of tuberculosis" inside Estremera jail. Regrettably, Spanish authorities are refusing to allow him preventative medical treatment for the disease.
Japan has halted trading on the pound and UK stocks. The financial meltdown underway is unparalleled.
Belgium's Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois has called on the #EU to take action in support of Catalonia.
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