Think this is the note Klopp just gave to Sturridge
Think this is the note Klopp just gave to Sturridge
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Many try to define ‘The Liverpool Way’. Others try to replicate it. And there are the rare, precious few who embody it. RIP Ronnie Moran.
Klopp on Lallana: “One of best players technically I worked with. He said ‘sorry’ (for miss). I said why? His performance was outstanding”
LFC record against rest of the current top seven. P11 W6 D5. One more left to play… the next game… makes other daft results more maddening.
Klopp on Woodburn Wales call: “Ben is happy about it so I am happy about it. Should it be now? Probably not.”
That’s it. We shall reconvene for the same conversation this time next season… possibly. 14/14
… who? Who thinks English football is better than it is? We all know how sh*t we are/have been don’t we? 13/14
So this incessant targeting of ‘arrogant’ English who think the national team/the players/the Premier league is better than it is… 12/14
Most (sane) fans and certainly journos who cover/have covered England have dedicated volumes to the national team’s flaws/limitations. 11/14
And the same applies to the England national team. 10/14
It’s a genuine question. Who – or who with any meaningful voice – is saying or writing this? 9/14
… I think prove to who, exactly? Who are these people arguing the Premier League has more quality at the top than Spain & Germany? 8/14
So every time English clubs fail in Champions League & I hear/read ‘this prove the Premier League is not as good as it thinks it is’… 7/14
…which is why our clubs are so eager to appoint Spanish, German & Italian coaches. 6/14
In fact, can’t remember hearing or reading that suggestion at all recently. There is broad consensus England behind others in Europe… 5/14
Personally, I don’t know any fans or journalists in this country who believe Premier League is highest quality league in the world. 4/14
Being the most entertaining & competitive does not necessarily mean ‘highest quality’. 3/14
The Premier League is possibly/probably most competitive in Europe, with most erratic results between top & bottom. 2/14
The Premier League is very entertaining. 1/14
Romelu Lukaku: “There were some players that we could have got, that I knew the club could have got, & they didn’t get.”
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