Think this is the note Klopp just gave to Sturridge
Think this is the note Klopp just gave to Sturridge
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If Arsenal win, 5 of PL top 6 are in FA Cup quarters. ‘Operation cry-arse’ about top clubs’ respect for cup aborted for another year?
He’d have been loved if he’d come to LFC. Hard for some to admit that, but no doubt about that.
Still, Jose might have point this time "... having selected only 3 of what he would regard his best starting XI."
Another week, another LFC mood swing.
A column on the ‘disgraceful’ behaviour of Cesc Fabregas* (*probably wasn’t that disgraceful)
“Hello Mr Head, meet Mr Wall.” “Er… I think you’ll find we’ve met. Quite often in the last 27 years, actually.”
There are certain days when I really, really wish that job application to the NME had been successful 20 years ago.
Ian Ayre steps down as LFC CEO at the end of Feb, earlier than originally planned. Successor to be announced. Billy Hogan named new LFC MD.
The difference between Jose & Klopp? Klopp apologises (a lot).
That last one was 3/3 by the way. I’m still not down with Twitter etiquette.
So when asked: “Would 4th be good enough for LFC THIS year?” the answer (in shouty voice) “OF COURSE IT BLOODY IS”
Aston Villa (2010) EFC & NUFC (2012) EFC (2013) WHUFC & Saints (2016) – teams finished above LFC in Premier League since 2010 2/3
Seventh, sixth, eighth, seventh, second, sixth and eighth (LFC league positions since 2010) 1/3
Many reasons why FA Cup has lost its shine - & FA are as responsible as anyone. Lopsided fixture calendar a joke.
It’s the fans those who worry about the romance of the cup feel sorry for, apparently. Yes, really. Short memories.
Sadio Mane returning to Merseyside by private jet today. Could be in the squad to face Chelsea. Most likely will be. Bench, probably.
Feel bit like scriptwriter on TV show Columbo at moment. Slight variations each week, but essentially same story.
The most unsurprising ‘surprise’ of the FA Cup.
Coutinho is coming on. But Moreno is still on, too. So… well…
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