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Where has LFC's swagger gone? When will it come back? Gini Wijnaldum is sure it will return soon.
It seems any club with a waif and stray they need to offload should get on the phone to Hull.
“Erratic kick-off times & multiple broadcast interviews = £7bn. Civility costs nothing.” https://t.co/5PDnAsNxmj
LFC are better this season. Much better. 14 points better. But just not good enough. Yet.
Give it a month and Hull U23s will have a new striker.
Top class from Niasse, there. Worth multiple replays.
Some would have you think England doesn't produce cultured, studious young players. Nonsense. Tom Davies interview https://t.co/ZUhyAQNgWG
Fifa rule in LFC's favour over Matip. But he is unlikely to start tmrw. Confirmation came late. Probably on bench. https://t.co/F26NUFv9XF
It’s good news Friday (unless you’re a liberal-minded US citizen, perhaps). JOEL MATIP IS FREE to play for LFC against Swansea.
Details of only inauguration ceremony that matters today (well, maybe). Steven Gerrard starts LFC coaching career. https://t.co/UbwVd1Rt3b
The main man has been OFFICIALLY sworn in…. Steven Gerrard returns to LFC as Academy coach.
Reckon millions of Americans will be playing this today. On a loop. https://t.co/GlDZh32ca8
@neiljonesechoWill never forget first question when he signed for LFC from Birmingham.
- "Do you feel you have something to prove here, Jermaine?"
- "No"
Matip NOT in LFC squad tonight.
For all those DESPERATELY waiting for link to match report from Turf Moor, here it is. Really sorry for the delay.
Fabio Borini just subbed. He ran about a bit. Got caught offside a lot. Screamed when the ball hit him the face. And didn’t have a shot.
Here's the traditional FA Cup 3rd Round image of an empty stand just before kick off.
Here's the traditional FA Cup 3rd Round image of an empty stand just before kick off.
I’m at Turf Moor. Not many others are.
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