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Mumbaikars stop for a snack at 4 pm


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To all the MMA journos out there, wherever you are, a humble request: Please stop telling subjects you'll show them your work before you post it. You ruin it for the rest of us.
‘Idaho Stop' law for cyclists now an option for Colorado cities https://t.co/wDV3yjJ2QY via @Tomas_Denver7
BEAR-Y HUNGRY! Let's paws for a second and give kudos to this bear who's so determined to get into this hummingbird feeder for snack time 😦

📸: Manny Dunlap in Cripple Creek, Colorado 🐻
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Katie Arrington makes first campaign stop since crash, affirms opposition to offshore drilling.

"Let me be clear, I do not support drilling for oil off of South Carolina's coast."

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The deputy said he was concerned that other drivers wouldn't stop for the tortoise, so, he turned around, flipped on his lights and slowed traffic to keep the little guy safe. https://t.co/0Ypv7OcsA3
Small Chamber: Stop funding for coastal oil exploration https://t.co/v8Vi08LECI
Mom of playground shooting victims calls for community programs to stop gun violence https://t.co/LaLwByR0fI
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