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Bloomberg Economy Editor in Switzerland. Tweets are not endorsements and opinions are my own.

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Trump says he expects U.S. trade with the UK to increase “substantially,” handing a boost to Theresa May via @AlexJFMorales #TicTocNews
Luigi Di Maio gears up for European elections, promising to join forces with 4 parties outside Italy for a joint manifesto via @chiaraalbanese #TicTocNews
Pro-Brexit members of Theresa May’s government would be willing to keep Britain tied to the EU’s customs regime for as long as 5 years in an effort to break the deadlock in talks via @TimRoss_1 #TicTocNews
ECB moves closer to the global dovish shift as Coeure mulls new long-term loans via @Skolimowski #tictocnews
Salvini says Italy won’t leave the EU, just wants changes via @chiaraalbanese @ltotaro #tictocnews
The European Central Bank is discussing whether to offer new longer-term loans to banks, Executive Board member Benoit Coeure says via @boes_ @Skolimowski #tictocnews
Hack a Swiss election and win a prize: @Bershidsky via @bopinion #tictocnews
Amsterdam is winning so much business as Europe's post-Brexit trading hub that its financial regulator needs a budget boost to keep up via @RubenMunsterman #tictocnews
League's Borghi voices fresh threat of Italy quitting the EU via @chiaraalbanese @ltotaro #tictocnews

The Most Relevant

Spain’s securities regulator sanctions Foreign Minister Josep Borrell over a share sale in a further blow to leader Pedro Sanchez’s fragile government via #tictocnews
Catalan scars exposed as Sanchez calls Spain's cabinet to Barcelona via @rorihuela #tictocnews
If people switched to alternative sources of protein from beef, diet-related deaths may decline as much as 5% in high- and upper-middle-income countries, according to a report by the World Economic Forum via @lydiamulvany #tictocnews
.@BloombergBrief: Europe's not working - youth #joblessness stubbornly high @alex_t_brittain
U.S. reclaims title of world's most competitive economy, ahead of Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands & Switzerland via #tictocnews
Ex UK Cabinet minister John Redwood is granted a knighthood, potentially opening up Theresa May to criticism that she’s using honors to try to win over critics of her Brexit deal in her ruling Conservative Party via @AlexJFMorales #tictocnews
Why #Greece’s Debt Agreement Is Not a Reason to Celebrate via @tomkeene
UK needs a 'people's vote' on all Brexit options, says Gina Miller via #tictocnews
How long will the world's most powerful leaders last? via #tictocnews
ECB must shield the euro periphery from speculation, Italy's Borghi says via #tictocnews
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