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I'm simply asking the questions the public wants to know.


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The application for the 2020 Class of @NewAmerica Fellows is live! Are you looking for funding & a community of peers to help develop your next big idea? If so, then wan@NAFellowsts to hear from you! Apply by Feb. 1! #20Years200Fellowshttps://t.co/4sRsfsZxQJ
People who work at a Gastonia Olive Garden are being tested for tuberculosis after an employee tested positive, health officials say. However, there is no public health threat at this time.
Read the full story here: https://t.co/srCqPQ7216 #tbtesting #healthnews #WCCB
And you know how I know you don’t care? Because when players should be going on strike for better working conditions when this next CBA expires you’ll hold them responsible for the work stoppage, not the owners who allow these 9 hour work days for one 4 hour game on Sunday.
I want to live in America in which we have fewer billionaires lik @MikeBloomberge and each has less to give away.

But I live in reality. I know the money is here now and can be given away. Yet it can be given in ways that serve to preserve the system or erode it.
#BlackFriday is just days away. Do you know where to find the best deals? This guide can help.
#AmritsarBlast - ‘Amarinder wants to take Punjab back to dark days’, says @HarsimratBadal_. Explosive twist to Amritsar blast. Engage with us using the hashtag.

Watch #FaceOff with @Zakka_Jacob at 8 PM
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It sickens me that the NFL and NCAA know they were doing harm for all those decades and ran from their responsibilities, and swept CTE and other medical issues under the rug trying to escape responsibility....
Today in AZ's Juicy Question of the Day is what people worry about the most when cooking thanksgiving dinner. We want to know, what do you stress about the most when preparing your family meal? Reply and let us know https://t.co/C3oGNoecjM
Tried listening to what’s apparently the new hot podcast in “edgy” Brooklyn media and had to turn it off after like 6 minutes, i honestly don’t know how you people do it
Tough day at the office for Public Enterprises Minister, Pravin Gordhan. https://t.co/eJe4eocFDr What are your thoughts on his testimony thus far?
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