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Another story I’m staring at in awe after 6 hrs without internet: The authors noted that the "increase in prosecutions would be reported by the media and it would have a substantial deterrent effect." https://t.co/5n2oTEDzSF via @jujedwards
Just landed in Seattle and this Buzzfeed story is 👀.
My Q to a WH official today: What do you say to ppl who are worried that this shutdown won’t ever end? Official: The WH has put forward a plan. The president has signed a law saying workers will get their back pay and had Dems here yesterday. Now go ask Pelosi the same question.
INBOX: “I’m disinvited.” President Trump raising money for his presidential campaign as the shutdown and border security spat between him and Democrats just gets deeper.
Sarah Sanders at WH on Speaker Pelosi just now: “She can come here anytime she wants. If she’d like to make a deal and actually have a conversation about negotiating, sure...She’s been to the White House on three separate occasions and all three times she’s done nothing.”
A White House source tells me President Trump still has not responded to the State of the Union postponement letter from Speaker Pelosi sent yesterday.
One WH source tells me of Speaker Pelosi: “She should not leave the country for 7 days in the middle of a shutdown. She is the person who has to make a deal.”
Two WH sources tell me President Trump made the decision to send Pelosi the letter today. One said, “If the speaker had left she would have guaranteed that 800K workers would not receive another check.”
If you’re waiting for your paycheck from the federal government, buckle up. The pettiness is full blown and there is literally no end in sight. Trump hasn’t responded to State of the Union letter but clearly personally helped put together this letter to Pelosi on her travel.
President Donald Trump writes a letter to Speaker Pelosi saying her foreign travel has been postponed.
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