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The 28-year-old striker died in the crash on January 21, just days after he had signed for Cardiff City
During the brief hearing, Lewis-Ranwell was told that his case will be sent to crown court
Apparently she'd accidentally swallowed it while brushing her teeth
The car seats do not protect babies and children in the event of a crash
Two-year-old Bram Radcliffe was killed after a “dangerous” marble fireplace collapsed on top of him, causing catastrophic head injuries
A 27-year-old has appeared in court accused of the murders of three pensioners in Exeter
Surgeons found the toothbrush wedged in her stomach
Cardiff manager Neil Warnock and chief executive Ken Choo both expended to attend
Trading Standards said they were 'killer car seats'

The Most Relevant

Watch the terrifying moment police opened fire outside of #Parliament in this eyewitness video captured by Taiwanese tourist Aaron Tsang
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Lovesick Chinese woman dumped by boyfriend spends entire week in KFC:
S.A preacher gets congregation to drink petrol after claiming he turned it into fruit juice:
Did Leonardo da Vinci draw 'naked Mona Lisa'? Experts are trying to find out
CIA tried to create ‘spy cat’ using implanted microphones to snoop on Russians
José Mourinho is taking over Twitter TODAY at 6:30pm. Tweet your questions to @YahooSports with the hashtag #AskJose
Mum with disabled daughter campaigns for wheelchair ramp. This is what the council built….
Eyewitness video shows #Munich gunman opening fire
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Apple fan buys the very first iPhone 6 then immediately drops it on live TV #Apple #iPhone6
Domino's has trialled pizza delivery by drone in New Zealand
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