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Latest Scoops

Lara Logan says she’s been ‘targeted’ for her claims of liberal media bias
Chris Cuomo thought of his family after learning he was on Coast Guard officer’s hit list
Joe Scarborough directly blames Donald Trump for domestic terror threat: It's all his fault
.@WendyWilliams sets return date following extended medical absence
#TwilightZone trailer: See @mradamscott, @justsanaa and @RealTracyMorgan enter the fifth dimension
.@daddy_yankee's #Despacito collaboration made him a Guinness World Record winner
.@therealroseanne slams U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @Ocasio2018 for her politics and her looks
Comedian @tomgreenlive officially becomes an American citizen: 'I'm tired of not voting, frankly'

The Most Relevant

'Jimin is Everywhere!': #KPop fan pranks dad by placing pictures of Korean star, #Jimin, all over the house. @BTS_twt
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The first full @BelieveMovie trailer is live now! So, @justinbieber fans, are you #Beliebers?
New @BTS_twt concert film set for biggest-ever event cinema release
BTS' Army and Beyonce's Beyhive teamed up on Twitter for a major streaming party
‘BLACKPINK is the revolution’: K-pop girl group makes U.S. debut at Universal #GRAMMYs party @ygofficialblink
.@BTS_twt performed on @AGT and fans open the floodgates on Twitter #BTSonAGT #BTS
First listen: Preview ’s brand-new song, ‘Stay,’ ahead of its live concert premiere tonight
Here’s the first trailer for #TheHungerGames: Mockingjay — Part 2. Katniss is ANGRY.
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