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Highlight: Nike just released a new pair of sneakers that “look and feel like the future,” says @ReggieWade. @bcheungz adds that Nike is jumping on the wearable tech bandwagon by incorporating some advanced features on the shoes. https://t.co/xpAujlCWBd
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Highlight: @Bubba_Trading on why gold’s a buy right now: “With some of the turmoil going on… I think gold will continue to climb higher.” He also talks about oil and the broader markets. Full interview: https://t.co/xpAujlCWBd
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Investors yanked a whopping $22.5 billion from hedge funds in Q4 https://t.co/H5Q8zIghi2 by @sallypancakes
Highlight: Former treasury official Chris Campbell on @Ocasio2018: “She has already made a mark in the House… our hope is that we actually can move to somewhere where it’s productive in DC.” Full intehttps://t.co/xpAujlCWBdrview:
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The government shutdown is becoming a 'meaningful risk' to the economy https://t.co/r7tSxlBwl9 by @readkrystalhu
Highlight: @BrianSozzi on why he likes $VFC: “This company is a winner... they actually raised guidance… they’re not seeing a slowdown in China." https://t.co/xpAujlCWBd
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Kevin O'Leary shares his best advice about paying off your mortgage https://t.co/0AoewC4otb via @CNBC
Highlight: The Wealth Consulting Group’s Mark Senseman on U.S.-China tensions: “In the short-run, the market likes some certainty… in the longer-term, it’s not necessarily the market’s issue.” @INTLFCStone’s Yousef Abbasi adds that any deal with China will take a long time.
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Billionaire mogul Barry Diller has an ingenious method for repeating success https://t.co/t6asKeoe7D by @aarthiswami
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