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We love a fellow @Normani stan 😘 @Zendaya
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Don’t act like you don’t have one in your family 😂😂 we all got one!
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Konstantly-Kheated-On Khloe Kardashian Kicks Flagrantly Foul F**kboy Tristan Thompson To The Kurb After He Allegedly Krushed Kylie's BFF Jordyn Woods To Kalabasas Krumbs

(Image via Jason Miller/Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment/Theo Wargo/Getty / Getty)
It’s official, @BTS_twt just added 8 stadium dates to their global tour, so we’re going to relive the show — and count down the days until this summer
Just In: Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have released an interim report based on multiple whistleblowers who say the Trump administration is rushing to transfer sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in violation of federal law.
I’ve been calling for Rod Rosenstein to be fired so naturally I was delighted to hear he’s on his way out. I’ll be even more delighted when I hear he’s on his way to a jail cell. My old bunk, I hear, is still available!
We had @StephenCurry30 sneak 3 weird phrases into his @NBAAllStar interviews
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Friendship will light the way in Kingdom Hearts III!
Exclusive: Shamima Begum has had her UK citizenship revoked by the British government, this letter seen by ITV News shows
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