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  3. brooklyn has traded jeremy lin to the hawks, league sources tell espn.
Brooklyn has traded Jeremy Lin to the Hawks, league sources tell ESPN.


The San Antonio-Toronto deal has been close for days and nearly fallen apart several times, league sources tell ESPN. Ujiri wanted to inform DeRozan himself late last night, in hours before trade call. DeRozan and longtime teammate Kyle Lowry talked hours ago, sources said.
For now, only DeRozan has been informed that he's in the trade, league sources tell ESPN. Toronto president Masai Ujiri informed DeRozan overnight, sources said.https://t.co/fghY7eTCWR
Toronto has reached agreement in principle to acquire San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard for package that includes DeMar DeRozan, league sources tell ESPN. Trade is larger on both sides, and players are still being informed of their inclusion in the deal. Trade call with league today.
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