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ESPN reporting with @ChrisBHaynes: Toronto finalizing a deal to acquire San Antonio star Kawhi Leonard. https://t.co/bzkRsFXXYy
Both key players are aware that a deal may be imminent, league sources tell ESPN.
Toronto is close to a deal to acquire Spurs All-Star Kawhi Leonard, league sources tell @ChrisBHaynes and me. Trade package includes DeMar DeRozan, league sources tell ESPN.
Portland has waived center George Papagiannis, league source tells ESPN. He's planning to sign a deal in Greece.
Source: Memphis sent $1.5M in cash to Kings in Garrett Temple trade --- which is the equivalent of Deyonta Davis' salary. If Kings waive him, Grizzlies covered the cost.https://t.co/vFlslg4PZD
Bonus: Hang around my cubicle and talk Temple hoops with @KNegandhiESPN. We can walk over to the Starbucks on campus too. It’ll be a wild time.https://t.co/5eTrA2MpI8
Cleveland has waived Kendrick Perkins, league sources tell ESPN.
“A lot of these guys in today’s NBA, they want out, they want to go team up with the next guy, the next team that can maybe make a playoff run. Kemba has said multiple times, ‘I want to be here.’ ” - Hornets coach James Borrego

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Sources: Clippers hiring coaching associate Brian Adams in his first head job, replacing Hill for Agua Caliente. Adams has coached with the Clippers, Celtics, Harvard and Marist.https://t.co/hMRVAMAc63
The Clippers are promoting Agua Caliente G League head coach Casey Hill to Doc Rivers’ Clippers staff, league sources tell ESPN. Also, Natalie Nakase will be promoted to Clippers player development staff.
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