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Tomorrow morning on #SundayTODAY, @AndySamberg!

On his favorite of the @nbcsnl digital shorts, the return of @Brooklyn99FOX, and our long tangent on “Rocky IV” bringing about the end of the Cold War. See you in the AM on @nbc. @TODAYshow
Today, my wife @christinageist texted me a screengrab of her dominating 1st place finish at @Flywheel with the chilling, all-caps threat, “WATCH THE F OUT.” I think she’s doping. 🚴‍♀️
This is your worst take. They’re not even in the Top 10. #RitzNation 🇺🇸
This is one hell of a @WSJ story, complete with a Walmart bag of cash, an MMA fighting glove, and Cohen having an IT guy set up the account @WomenForCohen to call Cohen a "sex symbol." Also, the poll rigging didn't work.https://t.co/9wY2JZenaQ
BREAKING: @NBCNews' @RichardEngel reports American forces are among the casualties after an explosion in Manbij, Syria. A senior Kurdish security official tells NBC the forces were on foot in the center of the city when they were approached by a suicide bomber, claimed by ISIS.
“We’re gonna be in the Hudson.” In the cockpit audio, @Captsully never so much as raises his tone as he makes the decision to land his aircraft in the Hudson, tells the 155 people on board to “brace for impact”, and asks his co-pilot, “You got any ideas?”. https://t.co/bTfMmTB7zi
A.G. nominee William Barr asked by @LindseyGrahamSC if former A.G. Jeff Sessions did the right thing recusing himself from oversight of the Mueller investigation: "I think he probably did the right thing recusing himself." Senator Graham then agreed.
.@SenJohnKennedy to @Morning_Joe on his way into the Senate confirmation hearing for A.G. nominee William Barr: "I don't know Bill Barr. If he turns out to be a meathead, I'll vote against him."
The one day America’s greatest film critic, @SonnyBunch, is on @Morning_Joe, I’m not there. Come back soon, Sonny.
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