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We hosted a dinner with @PJClarkes & on @Operation_MendVeterans Day. was@nikkihaley eating at PJ’s with her family and heard vets were upstairs. She left her table to spend time with some of the country’s most severely injured veterans. Classy gesture, Amb. Haley. Thank you.
My family at the veterans group @Operation_Mend is teaming up with the Movember Foundation to raise money for men’s health, particularly the mental health of our brave vets. Please help them reach their goal if you can! #VeteransDay 🇺🇸 @christinageist
To hear the full, unedited interview with CLAIRE FOY, star of "The Crown" & "The Girl In The Spider's Web", check out the "Sunday Sitdown" podcast at , , @iTunesPodcastso@tuneinr wherever you get yours.

Our library of co#SundayTODAYnversations there too. https://t.co/Lz7uDYpiIL
Not at all, Eddie! Shout-out to you...
ICYMI on #SundayTODAY: @MorganRadford joins me to read through your "Sunday Mail", and we end up quoting "Love and Basketball" and "Boyz N The Hood" lines to each other. #Doughboy https://t.co/NpHzoXV2HU
ICYMI on #SundayTODAY: Our tribute to the late, fearless, trailblazing Hollywood legend Kitty O'Neil. https://t.co/sAKiR7qRSh
ICYMI on #SundayTODAY: Great @kevtibs piece on the former Chicago basketball star who was caught in the city's gun violence, and now is back on the court. https://t.co/Bfth1vDRXQ
ICYMI on #SundayTODAY: My interview with Claire Foy, star of "The Crown", on playing The Queen, saying goodbye to the role, and now taking on a completely different kind of iconic character. https://t.co/KAGnpfe5p3
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