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  3. stop the politics. secure our border. build the wall.
Stop the politics.
Secure our border.
Build the wall.
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Stop the politics.
Secure our border. 
Build the wall.


Judicial Watch is suing the DOJ for all docs involving any investigations by the FBI into the Clinton Foundation. It’s time for the DOJ to stop shielding the Clintons and to produce records on this miscarriage of justice. Sign to show your support!✏️📋
“We know we have to stop being slaves to the oil and gas industry” -@GovInslee to students at Saint Anselm College #InsleeWatch #waelex
With space playing a critical role in our nation’s defense, @AFSpace medics adapt for the future of space medicine.

@DavidReesAM "I do not believe that building more prison places is the right way to solve the crisis in our criminal justice system, " says MD
.@DavidReesAM had campaigned against a superprison in Port Talbot. The plans were scrapped, but there is still an intention to build a prison in South Wales. Rees calls on MD to oppose the plans. #FMQs
Looking forward to welcoming back @NFL to London this summer. These games are fantastic sporting events that showcase London around the globe, and help cement our status as the sporting capital of the world. #LondonIsOpen
Most interesting split-screen in politics is Biden grappling with his many weaknesses in a Dem primary while the Dem establishment confidently predicts he's got this wrapped up.
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Parliament ensures they are all safe. Find out how in our video ⬇
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With over 2,600 employees, the Richmond Fed is composed of over 2,600 unique employee stories. We share employee stories because we know that our strength is within our employees. Today we hear from Bill Lotman, a Bank guard turned analyst: https://t.co/sTDMl2lIB1 #MyRichmondFed
Join us at the #OECD for our next #DEVTalks on 28 Jan. as Dr. Junhong Chang, Director of #AMRO, the ASEAN + 3 Macroeconomic Research office, presents economic perspectives and key policy challenges on #ASEAN + 3 region.

👉Register here: https://t.co/FmO1SkbG74
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