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Today @realDonaldTrump hosted a conference call with grassroots leaders across the country. They discussed the need for strong border security and he thanked them for their support and unity. It’s time for the Democrats to come to the table and make a deal to #SecureOurBorder
President Trump visited the Southern Border last week, telling our hardworking Border Patrol agents that he will continue fighting to get them what they need to #SecureOurBorder. https://t.co/LROsSbfEJ3
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"The trek has become a nightmare, with more than 30 percent of women reporting sexual assault along the way and 70 percent of all migrants reporting violence."

This crisis is not "manufactured." It's a humanitarian disaster. And Congress needs to fix it. https://t.co/5tc8GW3nls
President Trump Welcomes the 2018 College Football Playoff National Champions, @ClemsonFB, to the White House! #ALLIN https://t.co/MIzZXD9cqz
Earlier this evening, President @realDonaldTrump treated the Clemson Tigers football team to dinner in the State Dining Room! #ALLIN
"We are fighting for the American Farmer, and we are fighting for the American Dream—and for the products made and grown with pride right here in the USA!" — President @realDonaldTrump
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President Trump at the @FarmBureau's 100th Annual Convention: "On every front, we are fighting for our great farmers, our ranchers, our growers.”
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"Mr. President, we need a wall!” – Jim Chilton, Arizona farmer

He knows better than anyone why walls aren't immoral: The deadly Sinaloa cartel runs a major drug trafficking route right through Jim’s ranch.
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Heroin alone kills 300 Americans each week. And 90% of that heroin crosses our Southern Border.
Another stabbing at the hands of MS-13 that could have been prevented. Enough is enough. Congress, close this loophole!

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