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The Democratic Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Maryland's 5th Congressional District.

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Appreciated the opportunity to meet with @pgcps Interim CEO Dr. Monica Goldson this afternoon to learn about her priorities for students in #MD05 & discuss how we can continue to work together to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed.
A number of Republican Senators and House Members are already rebuking President Trump’s decision. They’re calling the move, “unwise,” a “bad idea, " and “a mistake.” Read more here: & RT if you oppose @realDonaldTrump ’s #FakeNationalEmergency .
Here’s a look at just how deeply unpopular this #FakeNationalEmergency is with the American people. 6-in-10 Americans don't believe there is an emergency at the southern border & nearly 60% of Americans think Trump is misusing his presidential power.
@POTUS . also undermined his argument for his costly and ineffective border wall by admitting he “didn’t need to do this. #FakeNationalEmergency
There is no crisis at the border. I traveled there with House Democrats just two weeks ago, and we heard from CBP, immigration advocates, and migrant families. It’s clear there are security and humanitarian challenges, but no crisis. #FakeNationalEmergency
.@realDonaldTrump’s #FakeNationalEmergency is irresponsible, violates the Constitution, and makes America less safe. House Democrats are looking at every legislative and legal option to respond.
Pleased to attend today's groundbreaking ceremony at the New Outpatient Clinic at the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. This facility is long overdue, and I look forward to the day when it can begin serving Southern Marylanders.
Happy birthday to the Chair of @NRDems, @RepRaulGrijalva.
Wishing a happy birthday to my friend, @RepMaloney. Thank you for your leadership as Vice Chair of @JECDems.
Wishing a happy birthday to my friend, @RepHuffman. Thank you for your work to protect and preserve public lands in California and across the country on @NRDems and @TransportDems.

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I urge to as Chair of#RemoveNunes the House Intel Cmte. Altering a classified memo after the Cmte’s vote is dishonest, violates House Rules, & demonstrates the lengths he is willing to go undermine the rule of law in order to protect POTUS.
This week, House Dems passed Senate Republican funding bills to reopen govt. But rather than take up & sign those bills that are agreed on, @SenateMajLdr & @POTUS are refusing to end this #TrumpShutdown. Read how the impact of their shutdown is growing:
From @AARP: Under newest version of #TrumpCare, 25 million 50-64 yr olds with a pre-ex condition would be at risk of being denied coverage
RT if you agree: Congress should establish an independent commission to investigate Trump’s relationship with Russia
The bill passed by last night is further proof of their inability to govern. It’s time for them to work with Democrats to responsibly fund government, , address#ProtectDREAMers health programs, & provide disaster relief. RT to tell GOP . #DoYourJob
I stand w @HispanicCaucus against today's executive orders–Congress should pass comprehensive immigration reform, not build a #WallofHate
.@HouseGOP, here’s a reminder of what your constituents think of #TrumpCare.
.@SenateMajLdr, if you agree a government shutdown is a failed policy, then take up the GOP funding bills passed by the House and send them to the President. It is time to end this #TrumpShutdown.
Republicans aren't willing to take yes for an answer:
-Schumer & Trump had a deal – Freedom Caucus said no.
-Schumer offered the border wall – GOP said no.
-Senate Dems offered short-term CRs – GOP said no.
-I offered a bill to end #TrumpShutdown twice - GOP said no.
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Following House passage of my resolution to block the Admin lifting sanctions on companies associated with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, I’ve written to @USTreasury Secretary Mnuchin asking for a delay in the lifting of these sanctions.
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