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Welcome to the world of Warner Bros. UK! In cinemas now: #BloodFather #Storks Coming soon: #TheAccountant #FantasticBeasts #SullyMovie

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Thank you so much to everyone that joined #WBFilmChat 🎬 We look forward to welcoming you next time!
Q4) A scene, a line or a soundtrack.
What's the biggest movie moment that's stuck with you? #WBFilmChat
Q3) The excitement of getting a new DVD/Blu-ray never gets old, let us know the first one in your collection! #WBFilmChat
Q2) The magic of cinema is timeless, do you remember your first big screen experience? ✨ #WBFilmChat
Q1) What is your very first movie memory? 🎥🍿 #WBFilmChat
Welcome to the very first #WBFilmChat 🎬

In the next hour we'll be discussing all things movies - so sit back, grab the popcorn and join in!

The week's topic is 'First Film Memory'.
Have you felt the sting of her tears? Check out the new art for The Curse of #LaLlorona, in cinemas May 3.
#FriendsTrivia :

Did you know that the actor who plays Joshua's father in#Friends is actually the real life father of Matthew Perry AKA Chandler 🤯
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From filmmaker Christopher Nolan comes the epic action thriller DUNKIRK, in cinemas July 21, 2017. #DunkirkMovie
Happy birthday @Harry_Styles!

Seen here in his film debut #Dunkirk.
Which of #WonderWoman's special moves are you most looking forward to witnessing?
#AStarIsBorn, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. In cinemas October.
Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles walk the red carpet at tonight's #Dunkirk World Premiere.
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in #AStarIsBorn. In cinemas October 5.
#Dunkirk is now Christopher Nolan’s most successful release in the UK.
Hope is a weapon. See #Dunkirk in cinemas and IMAX July 21.
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The incredible team of Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Lukas Nelson have won the BAFTA for Original Music, for their work on #AStarIsBorn.
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