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Latest Scoops

#BREAKING: A police officer in DeKalb County, Georgia has died after being shot while running after a fleeing suspect. A police K-9 was also shot by the suspect, who was shot and killed by officers. https://t.co/kgm0yuIjG4
The Jackson 5 will be joined by their little sister in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. https://t.co/rGQC4VV9Wh
At least two crashes were reported on a New Jersey highway as drivers bailed on their cars to scoop up the cash, which they have to give back anyway. https://t.co/71Yuq0K4rt
Alter Wiener survived three years in concentration camps during World War II and used that experience to educate thousands of Oregonians for nearly 20 years. #RIP https://t.co/tBW6ln7zxN
Julio Rodriguez had told police he accidentally cut his wife's neck with the machete during an argument. https://t.co/oTzoF5VXTV
A Santa Claus for a new generation may not look like himself - or possibly herself - at all. https://t.co/p96WjLKc2s
An 18-year-old man already wanted on a federal warrant was shot twice during an attempted robbery in Lawrence. https://t.co/dRxUlKY3Kf
You should still be checking the label on romaine lettuce before you buy it. https://t.co/aDMNwExkK8
Richmond Community Schools says Dennis Intermediate School will remain closed through Monday to students. All other schools will be open. https://t.co/77HWVFTaBX
A Vermont man has been trying to get his town to let him move his truck repair and recycling business onto his property for 10 years.

He's now spent a few thousand dollars on a piece of art to let those in charge known how he feels. https://t.co/tQgTjEn5OJ
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