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Lana Marks, a handbag designer and a member of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club resort, to be nominated to serve as U.S. ambassador to South Africa https://t.co/0ZjkbETBE2
Some Senate Republicans urged Trump to nominate a chairman for the Chemical Safety Board, which has been leaderless since June https://t.co/Gup5CmhwK9
The owner of https://t.co/vcirX0oACX said Matthew Whitaker demanded he take down a comment about a firm Whitaker advised that later was shut down by the FTC https://t.co/wNhpi3haBN
The investment gives Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway sizable stakes in three of the four largest American banks https://t.co/XH1YMAqi5T
Opinion: Your city didn’t land Amazon’s new offices. But it can attract the next startup, writes @BradleyTusk https://t.co/A7yAwnX1QR
Airport vending machines get really specific: custard, bison wool socks, down jackets, cauliflower salad, lipstick. https://t.co/pANv1dBn5W
Bitcoin plunges below $6,000, hits new lows for the year https://t.co/XaPakrb2GD
These seasonal nonstop flights make it much easier to get away this winter—to the Rockies, Palm Springs, and the Caribbean https://t.co/Mlj1SsVwi1
Chinese entrepreneurs have a leg up on those in the U.S., say two venture investors @WSJ Tech D. Live Conference https://t.co/sw9gUbIusl
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says there are “growing signs of a bit of a slowdown. And it is concerning.” https://t.co/pSFZB3R2JB
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