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Self-taught technicians help some Venezuelans to save money as they deal with tight budgets amid the economic crisis
Self-taught technicians help some Venezuelans to save money as they deal with tight budgets amid the economic crisis
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After interrogating and releasing two men seen in surveillance video near the scene of the alleged attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, Chicago police are saying that the new information they have “could change the story entirely.”
J&K administration withdraws security of 5 separatist leaders. No security cover will be provided under any pretext to these five leaders (Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Abdul Ghani Bhat, Bilal Lone, Hashim Qureshi & Shabir Shah) @deepduttajourno with details #IndiaSeeksJustice
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India now needs to break this mental barrier between Kashmiris and non Kashmiris.All are equal citizens of India.Govt should abolish Article 370&35A and open J&K to rest of India.I want to make a home there and live and so would millions of Indians from other states. #Solution
J. Smollett case had plenty of red flags, but media was too attached to storyline (& victimhood) to see/admit them. Once again, journos dedicated more to proving *themselves* virtuous than to reporting facts botch the story. It’s tiresome & won’t change.
From Covington to Smollett, if a story seems perfectly constructed to fit a narrative, it probably is.
If #JussieSmollett orchestrated this scam and claimed he was attacked because he’s black and gay, the real tragedy will be all of the victims of REAL hate crimes whose stories won’t be believed.
SAUDI ARABIA: Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman reportedly preparing for a $4.9 billion takeover of Manchester United.
Shehla Rashid caught spreading lies, Uttarakhand Police quash rumours of Kashmiri students being harassed | ⁦@MyNation⁩
Pre-emptive note to media: the Smollett story isn’t about conservatives pouncing. It’s about an insane hoax propped up and promulgated as “Trump’s America” for political purposes.
The anger of tax filers is only going to get worse as people realize that they paid for the billionaires' and corporations' windfall ...
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