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Latest Scoops

Dept. of Education erasing $150 million worth of student debt after massive campus closures #wmc5 >>https://t.co/ZoMlzUvfmN
‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’: The Christmas song controversy #wmc5 >>https://t.co/Hal9ADFbIn
Remains of Louisiana sailor killed in Pearl Harbor attack identified #wmc5 >>https://t.co/tBBlIm35vP
Pit bull attacks students inside Seattle school #wmc5 >>https://t.co/zyPEA5eDPy
Shipping deadlines you need to know for the holiday season #wmc5 >>https://t.co/HhTEGkizog
Woman refuses to leave store, kicks officer in groin, defecates on another #wmc5 >>https://t.co/ohMM6x7SDw
FedEx employee pawned jewelry instead of delivering it #wmc5 >>https://t.co/goRGb1NWl7
Man says he found soiled underwear in Uber Eats delivery #wmc5 >>https://t.co/i3ZpGzQFHV
Rare ‘tsunami fish’ spotted off California coast https://t.co/nU1PAFExOm
Metal shavings found in toddler’s intestines after eating Zarbee’s multivitamins, mother says
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