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Much of the dry-eyed brutality of 'Who Is America?' is rooted in reality. And reality in 2018 is pretty absurd https://t.co/AAMYehNSoF
Built off tech that helps people find parking, Inrix's new platform lets cities put all the info a robo-car needs in one place https://t.co/VXjOkPjJqF
While the debate over gun rights rages, one parent has developed a potential solution to protect kids: a facial recognition tool that could help schools more accurately monitor who gets past their front doors https://t.co/K3fMqHj6Bv
He might have grown up on a farm, but in Zachary Lippman's greenhouse, Crispr is a verb, every plant is an experiment, and mutant isn’t a dirty word https://t.co/c5Bita4XnO
Villagers from the tiny town of Innaarsui, Greenland are heading back to their homes after some were evacuated when a massive iceberg grounded itself near the tiny island village https://t.co/6EuivvKHLw
After 27 years, Sonic has transcended games to become a pop-culture icon—but 'Sonic Mania Plus' proves the burden of providing thrilling new play experiences hasn't disappeared https://t.co/UY7XIanBhj
People are still very much interested in comics—despite the fears some fans have that the industry is falling off
Everyone loves the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, but they probably didn't know they're made of poop from this goofy little fish: https://t.co/PMj9LEtid2
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Prime Day doesn't just mean great deals from Amazon—here are some other sales online retailers have going right now #PrimeDay https://t.co/7BfAag812I
At a House hearing today, tech executives were grilled about Section 230—a key law that shields tech platforms from liability for the content they host—and demonstrated what one legal scholar called a “gross misreading” of the legislation https://t.co/K31LwmChVM
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