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The dance troupe Pilobolus makes shadowdancing look easy— forming stormtroopers and animals with their bodies in minutes— but it’s actually the result of years of practice.  https://t.co/hk29NYXQNV
Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics chairman emeritus, has passed away. For two decades, one writer regularly met Lee for lunch, where they discussed everything from Lee's love of the Cheesecake Factory to his take on religion. RIP to “Stan the Man”
The official list of the world's most powerful computers was just released. And the US is still on top (the Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab can do 200 quadrillion calculations per second). China had taken the top spot since June 2013. https://t.co/z6zdm3RuAZ
The mobile workforce is a major headache for IT departments, but here's why it doesn't have to be. @SamsungBizUSA
California is on fire. And the driving force has been extreme wind—gusts of up to 60 miles per hour, perhaps even 70 in the hills of Southern California—blowing through the state. https://t.co/BwRsz30kY7
Only 37 percent of adults got the flu vaccine during the 2017-2018 season, the lowest rate in eight years. Are you planning on getting a flu shot this year? Why or why not? https://t.co/e7Pe0AtBhq
Students trek to internet oases such as classrooms or businesses willing to host a Wi-Fi router. Going without isn’t an option. Now the FCC has to decide whether untapped spectrum should go to these rural school districts—or sold to the highest bidder. https://t.co/XpqNYAD3XF
Oh hello everyone who is on Twitter because Facebook is down. Since we all have some free time, what are some good tech or science stories you're reading right now? #Facebookdown
People think about flu vaccines differently: less like a medical and legal necessity, and more like a seasonal product, the health care equivalent of a pumpkin spice latte. https://t.co/SVRvxjxJpT
Seventy-five percent of female respondents said they had experienced harassment or theft on public transportation and 29 percent of women said they don’t take public transportation late at night because of it.  https://t.co/yIjOk8K8nY
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