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Painting a car requires a lot more science than you might expect https://t.co/X0TZxos4Xb
If you find yourself with a few extra hours this weekend, pick up a book. Trust us, it's never too late. https://t.co/o5V3u9KTQq
Just 0.57 percent of Americans regularly use their bicycles to commute, but some cities are doing much, much better than others at getting residents to pedal to work. https://t.co/NWo5oABIXO
By buying more and more electronics, we're burying ourselves under an ocean of trash. https://t.co/P2BJLWXLY6
"The arc of innovation has reached an inflection point: technological change now threatens to overwhelm us. Discovery is unstoppable, but it must be shaped for good. We ourselves—not just market forces—must manage it." https://t.co/x6gpehW6Uc
We’re throwing a four-day festival in October for our 25th anniversary. And whether you’re a foodie or a science-lover (or both!), there’s plenty to look forward to. Here are just SOME of our events—get your tickets to the festival now: https://t.co/ugNg6ROO0v
This mug will ensure you never spill coffee all over your desk again: https://t.co/jT6PRpnQWq
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Clearcut forests, polluted rivers, open-air mines - this is what environmental devastation looks like from above https://t.co/kU3r5sOCYa
This is Strato­launch. It's the largest airplane, by wingspan, ever created. The aircraft would be a flying launchpad, heaving a half-million-pound rocket ship to cruising altitude and drop it. The rocket would ignite its engines for an ascent into space. https://t.co/VYE1wO8N0u
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"Humans will shine where it’s difficult for AI to replace them... AI as the core—but humans as the delivery." https://t.co/qfHKACMw72
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