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Rondon Athayde, 46, was arrested Friday and charged with his girlfriend's murder, 41-year-old Ana Corderio's.
Animal shelters label dogs by background, not breed https://t.co/C5OEvDu05a
A husband and wife from Concord, New Hampshire allegedly targeted Chinese women, luring them to Maine where the couple forced them into prostitution all while controlling their movements and keeping them isolated.
The Black Bears will be seeing red on Saturday https://t.co/ZxaerpckkU
Sweeping medical marijuana reforms take effect in Maine https://t.co/lZYhZKgHCk
Bob Bryan, half of iconic Bert & I duo, dies at age 87 https://t.co/r35an0x31V
Bissell Brothers is ready for another round https://t.co/mteFP1prMr
Former bus driver accused of taking inappropriate underage photos, indicted https://t.co/U45lleAWi0
Via @DEALBOSS: CuriosityStream is the Netflix of educational content for just $2 a month https://t.co/FqI5MKzNka
Maine businesses affected by nationwide email bomb threat https://t.co/6RZqjj8BsB
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