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KNBC TV reporter-specializing in Orange County...opinions are my own and not a reflection of the Peacock! Please note Tweets to me could end up on TV.

Latest Scoops

Police in ⁦@LaHabraCA⁩ say this mother discovered her son's fatal accident. Alejandro Rodriguez, 25, of #Whittier was killed when his truck hit a street sweeper. Details at 6 on ⁦@NBCLA⁩
A mother finds her own son dead in a car accident as she drives to work. Her family stops to pray. #LaHabra More on ⁦@NBCLA⁩ at11am
Defense atty claims circumstances have changed and named volunteer Fire Chief as possible suspect in #HolyFire. ⁦@OCFA_PIO⁩ says their case is closed and there are no additional suspects. #ForrestGordonClark still held on $1M bail. More at 5 on ⁦@NBCLA⁩
“This is bigger than us.”’ #Bush4141 travels through Texas on a farewell ride. #Remembering41 ⁦@NBCLA⁩
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Lining the rail road tracks in Spring TX awaiting for #Bush4141 to pass by soon for a final farewell. #Remembering41 ⁦⁩
An aviation term on buses taking attendees to #PresidentBush memorial today. #CAVU Ceiling and visibility unlimited Clear flying ahead for the WW II pilot as he sets off on his final flight. #Remembering41
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Buses taking thousands to see #PresidentGeorgeHWBush as he lies in repose. Red, white and blue and bearing his name. One word on dash— epilogue. #Houston
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They will wait as long as it takes to say good bye to a President who was also their neighbor. #Remembering41 #Houston ⁦⁩
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Outside President Bush’s home just blocks from where he will lie in repose. Neighbors tell us “This family was the real deal.” #Remembering41#Houston
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Houston prepares to bring George Bush home for the final time today. #Remembering41 ⁦⁩ we will be here covering his arrival.
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