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Welcome to the official feed for Victoria’s Secret, where Angels, Bombshells & the sexiest followers on Twitter get their fix for everything VS.

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What kind of gift do you prefer?
@_itsjustnat We want to help gather additional details about your shipment status, Natalie. DM us your email, order number, a brief summary of your purchased items. Thanks!
@KMBCKindle We want to hear more about your recent gift shopping experience, Kindle. Please DM us your email address and store receipt barcode number.
Quality time with the mirror like…
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Words to live by: you can never have too many mists. #VSBeauty
Victoria’s Secret Santa: way more fun than regular Secret Santa. Just saying.
We hope you love what you purchased!
You definitely deserve it!
This Reward Card could only be earned from 10/24-11/29. Stay tuned for future deals!
We missed you so much, Saturday.
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