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@Vevo 1 month
i need to love myself before i love anyone else oliviagobrien keeps it in her latest drop love myself
"I need to love myself, before I love anyone else"
@oliviagobrien keeps it 💯 in her latest drop "Love Myself"

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Women Of Christ
love this
AXS TV Concerts
just like how steven tyler screams dream on imagine us screaming happy birthday
Just like how Steven Tyler screams "Dream On", imagine us screaming "Happy Birthday". 😉
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@lecrae 3 hours
god has a purpose for your pain
God has a purpose for your pain.
Dinesh D'Souza
stop with the so much winning surviving a lethal strike by the other side is not winning when we can compete w
Stop with the “so much winning.” Surviving a lethal strike by the other side is not “winning.” When we can compete with them in getting our message out and can deliver lethal strikes against them—that’s when we’re winning
Salman Khan
launching beingstrongind for all your fitness needs lets bestrong together video credits haiderkhanme
Launching @beingstrongind for all your fitness needs! Let’s #BeStrong together!
Video Credits: @HaiderKhanMe
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MTV Asia
hey kpop fam the 2019 one k concert has landed fans in southeast asia can watch the one time only stream right
Hey Kpop fam, the 2019 One K Concert has landed! ❤️ #KpopTwitter fans in Southeast Asia can watch the one-time-only stream right here at @mtvasia… peace!
planned parenthood supporter repeatedly brutally assaults an elderly man trying to get his pro life sign back
Planned Parenthood supporter repeatedly brutally assaults an elderly man trying to get his pro-life sign back.

"Old man, stay on the ground." #prolife #maga
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Mark R. Levin
XXL Magazine
@XXL 2 hours
today in hip hop on this day in 1995 eazy e died of complications from aids
⬇️ Today in Hip-Hop ⬇️

On this day in 1995, Eazy-E died of complications from AIDS
The Dodo
@dodo 29 minutes
we don t deserve french bulldogs
We don't deserve French bulldogs 💜💜💜
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