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Camila Cabello hits the #Grammys red carpet. More fashion
Camila Cabello hits the #Grammys red carpet. More fashion
Camila Cabello hits the #Grammys red carpet. More fashion
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Debut Celebration Show
19.03.04 7PM #Mnet Live on Air
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"#TotalDhamaal has decided to not release the film in Pakistan," says @ajaydevgn
Fake news. Fake attacks. Fake allegations. Fake Mexican. Fake American Indian. I think we’re finally getting the picture on how the Left operates
I don’t understand why @realDonaldTrump tweets about the outrages at DOJ when he is in a position to do something about those outrages. Time to put some people out in the street Mr President, starting with Rod Rosenstein
A NYPD Commander is reportedly being investigated for telling officers to shoot 50 Cent on sight.
The Nigerian duo says Jussie put them up to it. But did anyone put Jussie up to it? Who is Jussie’s mentor in these sleazy Alinskyite maneuvers? #JussieHoax
“I don’t care. I believe Putin,” Pres Trump allegedly said, rejecting U.S. intelligence regarding North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile capability. McCabe says he heard this from an FBI official who was at the meeting with POTUS.
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Just a cat taking a shower in the sink 😻💦
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