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Mary Queen of Scots, the spirited 16th-century monarch played by Saoirse Ronan in Mary Queen of Scots, has been as much “a victim of the pen as the executioner’s ax” https://t.co/HplXHZvied
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“I actually thought it was kind of amazing,” Jonah Hill said of Lady Gaga's commitment. “I was like damn, she is a good actress, ‘cause it sounds real every single time.” https://t.co/UDNnfrkUH0
Princess Eugenie's double date with Cindy Crawford isn't all that surprising https://t.co/SELRkwFtqb
No doubt the Palace was unprepared for Meghan's Boomerang https://t.co/oddJEFjhll
The Carol Burnett Award will serve as a sort of lifetime achievement award, honoring TV work specifically https://t.co/5bWidTEw68
Starting next year, the Golden Globes’ highest honor for achievement in television will have Carol Burnett’s name on it https://t.co/t3f3zfpjGF
“I believe in my heart of hearts that this could be fun for me. . . . Who would pass up the chance to spend 10 minutes on the deck of the Titanic while it’s sinking?” https://t.co/YmX0NodLXt
After Kevin Hart's departure, the Academy may hold a host-less Oscars https://t.co/yG7AGXjLzR
Looks like Michelle Yeoh and Henry Golding will be back together for the holidays next year—in @paulfeig’s upcoming film, Last Christmas https://t.co/DIt4zL1PI0
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It turns out millennial women are much more inclined to watch Doctor Who if it stars a woman https://t.co/vyvBtUyG0q
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