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Latest Scoops

LIVE NOW: Watch our #USNavy's newest Sailors graduate boot camp before they're #ForgedByTheSea, https://t.co/Diswood4NI
LIVE 9:45A ET: Watch #USNavy's newest Sailors graduate boot camp - https://t.co/OtbbwyMaMV #ForgedByTheSea
#USNavy photos of the day: Marines load a guided bomb unit onto a #F35B Lightning II aircraft, #Seabees show off their roofing skills, sparks fly aboard #USSEssex, and a naval aircrewman takes a ride in an MH-60S Sea Hawk.
ℹ️ info and ⬇️ download: https://t.co/jRv64XkDmY
.@USNavyUnderSec strengthens alliances in #Norway, meeting with senior military and civilian officials to discuss security and stability issues and efforts along with touring Norwegian assets and facilities - https://t.co/0nnbxWmoiJ #NavyPartnerships
#ICYMI: @FLOTUS visited #USSGeorgeHWBush on Wednesday to thank our #USNavy Sailors for their service, wish them happy holidays, and see #NavyReadiness in action!
MT @DeptofDefense: Happy 382nd birthday to @USNationalGuard! Born in 1636, the Guard has secured the homeland and helped the #DOD build partnerships around the globe. #KnowYourMil #Guard382
#TBT to April 11, 2018: @USSHARRYSTRUMAN Carrier Strike Group deployed from Norfolk. Since then, it has supported maritime security operations & operated in international waters across the globe. On this Sunday, its nearly 6,500 Sailors will return home - https://t.co/wFa6RFS2FK
#ImAlwaysReady: No matter what happens around the world, the #USNavy is always ready to protect and defend America. #NavyReadiness
.@secnav76, @SecArmy and @SecAFOfficial announce upcoming conference at @NavalAcademy on prevention of #SexualHarassment and #SexualAssault at America's colleges and universities - https://t.co/p4Mc77YWg8 @DeptofDefense
#USNavy photos of the day: An #SM3 Missile Block IIA launches in #Hawaii, #USSJasonDunham arrives in #Portugal, #USSJohnCStennis conducts a #Vertrep, and #USSGreenville crosses the bow of #USSEmorySLand in the #Philippines. ℹ️ info and ⬇️ download: https://t.co/kGjB6nuu6e
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