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Companies have a vested interest in keeping their employees happy. Did your employer make the list of best US companies to work for? https://t.co/PwJ8SkVWv7
Ratings for last night's Emmy Awards telecast hit all time low. Is 'Saturday Night Live' to blame? https://t.co/sMUAkiMryb
The memoirs of Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh's classmate under scrutiny, describe a prep school where students drank until they blacked out and attended "masturbation class. https://t.co/9BvZZH0ZuS
Police were called to a Giant Food grocery store in Manassas, Virginia, on Saturday after a witness reported seeing a man picking fruit off of the shelf, rubbing it on his butt and putting the fruit back on the shelf. https://t.co/rqwI8WOf2t
A school-based survey reports nearly 1 in every 11 middle and high school students have smoked marijuana using electronic cigarettes. https://t.co/HZGKu0gI1X
Park rangers arrested a tourist after he walked onto the Old Faithful geyser and apparently urinated into it in front of hundreds of horrified tourists at Yellowstone National Park as video of the incident goes viral. https://t.co/5Lk0OPHDUd
Trump accused China of seeking to interfere in the U.S. elections by slapping tariffs on products from politically pivotal states, even though it was the president who instigated the latest fight by imposing $200 billion in new tariffs on Beijing. https://t.co/38D2i4V4di
Porn actress Stormy Daniels' soon-to-be released memoir "Full Disclosure" is apparently as salacious as the title would indicate. https://t.co/eCV6pBWo54
Should we believe Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? Or should we believe his denials? @USATOpinion @DavidMastio@JillDLawrencehttps://t.co/1Lnxs9pyWE
$34K to repair a car? High-tech features mean higher repair bills https://t.co/89yoEOArav
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