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UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child in 190 countries and territories, with a special focus on reaching those in greatest need.

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We've joined forces with rescue teams, business people and young innovators to test the first flight of a drone for search and rescue in Kazakhstan.
We'll be LIVE on Facebook with @unicefchief from a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Join us! She will be sharing her experience of meeting Rohingya refugee children and seeing our work on the ground.

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Young people, children and families on the move seek a better life. We’re working tirelessly in places like #Tijuana , at the border between Mexico and the United States, to make sure their rights are upheld. #AChildIsAChild
This is seven-year-old Ada’s dream home.

This little one from Honduras is one of over 12,000 people who’ve crossed from Guatemala to Mexico this year. We’re helping to protect children on the move every step of the way. #AChildIsAChild
Protection, not detention.
, alongside partners and the Government, is working to protect the thousands of young migrants who have entered or are waiting at the border in Mexico. #AChildIsAChild
These health workers trek for several hours a day on rocky, mountainous paths to vaccinate children in rural Yemen. @UNICEF_Yemen

Every woman and girl has a right to feel safe - no matter where they are.

#ENDviolence @voicesofyouth
End child detention.
Develop child protection systems.
Strengthen cross-border case management.

These are some of the solutions to protect and uphold young migrants’ rights. Now is the time to act. #AChildIsAChild
Gang violence.
Organized crime.
Extreme poverty.

These are some of the reasons why families from Central America make the difficult decision to pack up their lives and leave their homes. #AChildIsAChild
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Nearly 7 million people in #SouthSudan could struggle to find enough decent food in the coming months.

UNICEF is treating severely malnourished children but we urgently need more funds to save lives.

The Most Relevant

"I want to hear your voice... No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, gender identity: speak yourself.”

We 💜 's inspiring message to young people around the world at the UN General Assembly.

#GenUnlimited #UNGA #ENDviolence #Youth2030
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with who have been passionate supporters of our work to . Today, they are un#ENDviolenceiting at to launch . #UNGA #GenUnlimited

We’re at #UNGA with 7 special guests… . For the last year they have been supporting our campaig#ENDviolencen. Today, they addressed world leaders. Check out our Instagram Story → #GenUnlimited #BTSARMY #BTSxUnitedNations
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The power of hope.
The power of kindness.
The power of young people.

This is for you and the . A spec#BTSarmyial message from .

💙  💜 #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence #2018BTSFESTA
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"No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, gender identity: speak yourself." at .

#UNGA #GenUnlimited #ENDviolence #BTSxUnitedNations
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⚡️ This week, we teamed up with @BTS_twt & others for our #ENDviolence campaign. #BTSLoveMyself

& have inspired millions through our campaign. Today, they #ENDviolenceteamed up with & world leaders to launch - a new partnership to ensure every young person is in education, training or employment by 2030. #UNGA
To everyone who watched today's event with and :


Stay tuned for more 💜💙

#UNGA #Youth2030 #GenUnlimited #BTSxUnitedNations
Are you ready? Not long to go now until we launch #GenUnlimited with , Goodwill Ambassador and many more special guests.

Watch live from 12:00pm EST → #Youth2030 #UNGA

"We have learned to love ourselves, so now I urge you to speak yourself." RM, at to offi#UNGAcially launch .

#ENDviolence #BTSxUnitedNations #GenUnlimited
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