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#ClimateChange affects one of the smallest countries in the world: Liechtenstein. Its Minister for Environment says that while houses in her country were originally built to protect from cold winters, buildings now must protect from heat as well. #COP24 https://t.co/WxaERJMHYk
Ultimately, the key to a sustainable future lies in radically rethinking the way we consume and use clothing, and disrupting current business models. That means buying less. And it means putting pressure on our fashion industry to #SolveDifferent
Mountain Hero Michael Strasser cycled 🚵‍♂️ from Alaska to Patagonia to raise awareness about #climatechange.
You don’t have to ride hundreds of kilometers per day to join him!
Choose to bike or walk to take #ClimateAction. #COP24
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It is still possible to keep global warming below 2°C, but the technical feasibility of bridging the 1.5°C gap is dwindling.
Anne Olhoff of @UNEPDTU spoke with @GlobalGoalsUN about the #EmissionsGap Report at #COP24 ➡️ https://t.co/oMefg96tNg #ClimateAction
Rapa Nui is the most remote inhabited island on the planet home to only 8,000 people. Climate change threatens it and one of the gravest consequences is the erosion of its archeological sites. To fight climate change, they #SolveDifferent. #COP24 https://t.co/hfXuae9gRV
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At #COP24, 15 international organizations have committed to make their operations climate neutral, affecting over 2 million tons of CO2 per year in emissions, & more than 50,000 staff. #ClimateActionhttps://t.co/A8rieywrzx
From invaluable farming advice shared via text message to livestock vaccines delivered when and where they are needed thanks to a mobile phone service, agri-tech and precision farming are changing the face of agriculture across Africa. https://t.co/Fe4RGQZ3VV
How many people benefit from water 🚰coming from the mountains?
⛰Mount Kenya provides water to 7M people
🗻The Andes to 75M people
🏔Hindu Kush Himalaya to 240M people
#ClimateChange adaptation is key for the livelihoods of all these people. #COP24 https://t.co/DoJ60zILcv
Clean & efficient cooking is a 🔑 part of .
A#ClimateActionnd it helps to:
Unlock massive energy ⚡️ savings

If he can cycle across the American continent, maybe you can cycle to work? UN Environment Mountain Hero Michael Strasser is inspiration for all of us to take #ClimateAction. #ice2icebike #COP24 @Austria_E@ElliKoestingerU
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