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A look at what life was like in Tucson in the 1980s https://t.co/pIPpIRONDH
A look at what life was like in Tucson in the 1980s https://t.co/pIPpIRONDH


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"We have in the circumstances found the racial element was there." Magistrate in adding extra £100 fine, making it £500 plus 4 years banning order for the fan (banned for life by Spurs) who threw banana skin towards Aubameyang. When are the courts going to take racism seriously?
Doesn't seem like @NHLPlayerSafety will have a hearing for Ian Cole after last night's kneeing penalty on Brock Nelson. Was knee-on-thigh, not knee-on-knee, after watching it again. Supplemental discipline normally for knee-on-knee hits. #Isles on the ice in Glendale in a bit.
Voluntarily holding a Burmese python? 😲

Safe to say @DallasStars forward @jamiebenn14 was not fazed by @BizNasty2point0's tricks in the latest What's in the Box!
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🤔🎯 WHAT NEXT FOR BARNEY? 🤔🎯It was meant to be the start of a glorious 12 month farewell but World Champs defeat after a tough year on tour means @Raybar180 has plenty to ponder https://t.co/GgmauggO0g | @paulprenders
@jj_bull Manchester United also look scared to advance. This was the 3-4-3 shape that Mourinho occasionally experimented with https://t.co/v93c0IHwz4
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Solskjær was at Old Trafford last month for the Young Boys game, so he’ll know what he has, or hasn’t, to work with at United...
Van Wagenen: “We are going to be using our resources efficiently, but we also have to look at where our priorities are. Before this signing, RH middle of the order bat was real important to give us balance. Now that we have it, that may not be the No. 1 priority.”
Given what the Astros spent for another big name free-agent, the Phillies may have overspent on Andrew McCutchen.

@CoreySeidmanCSN writes why this was still the right callhttps://t.co/zTZg1ZpYyR.

"It was initially feared that Steve wouldn’t live – but against the odds, he made and continues to make a remarkable recovery."

What an inspiration 👏

‘The aftermath of my wife’s death feels like the moment after an unexpected bomb explodes in a spy thriller. You stagger away, disorientated, amidst the carnage of what was once your life. ’ https://t.co/6vhvEcH5QN
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