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Latest Scoops

Watch out! Blowing dust warning issued for big area north, west of Tucson this evening https://t.co/QH6sSPZF7V
Tour celebrates Tucson's food heritage and history https://t.co/v5l04WJTP2
Carlos Daniels brings his Juan Gabriel tribute show to Tucson's Rialto Theatre https://t.co/qMHlUOjZRj
Five to watch: Top high school football games of 2018 https://t.co/3Ai3QqjDSH
3 arrested in connection with series of auto thefts and burglaries across Tucson area https://t.co/WTLRzgPo5R
A look back at some facts and lore about the UA's Maricopa Hall https://t.co/qX7yE4QDT5
Pinal County jail officers seek $2.6M in overtime back-pay https://t.co/TrUXlJVZz0
Blowing dust warning issued for big area north, west of Tucson this evening https://t.co/hxt6iSVnOH
Moved, promoted or appointed in Tucson 2018 https://t.co/GkfyZ9VnFT
Chemical-fueled explosion causes fire at Arizona marijuana facility https://t.co/illBhKJKmO
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