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Latest Scoops

Charlize Theron runs for President and falls for Seth Rogen in the trailer for #LongShot:
The wedding reportedly happened "a while ago" -- see her gorgeous dress!
'Who the hell is DJ & why are you texting my phone,'" @RealPaigeWWE recalled after learning @TheRock wanted to meet her:
Check out the 13 most fascinating, bizarre or downright shocking facts about the Bobbitts revealed in the doceseries:
It only feels right that a mini #Scrubs reunion took place on #ValentinesDay
UPDATE: "She hasn’t posted any of it," a rep for Lohan now tells TooFab
Kendall basically says what we're all thinking when it comes to Kylie's birthday party for Stormi:
Legends supporting legends -- as @kelly_clarkson covers @LadyGaga
The badass singer reveals she needed 13 stitches after the incident:

The Most Relevant

This one's for all you @bts_bighit fans out there! #BBMAs
"Who the hell is BTS?" This is the band who beat Bieber, Ariana, Selena and Shawn
Who's getting pumped to see @bts_bighit perform at the #BBMAs?! ✋
MOOD: Ezra Miller at the premiere of @FantasticBeasts:
The #Empire family is in shock following a brutal attack on costar Jussie Smollett:
No, @ArianaGrande didn’t call Cardi B's #GRAMMYs win “trash” -- here’s why she tweeted and deleted:
Angela Bassett (@ImAngelaBassett) looking like the QUEEN she is at the premiere of #BlackPanther
One of R. Kelly's estranged children, Buku Abi, has released a statement condemning his alleged behavior:
.@KatyPerry is literally the main dish in this racy video for #BonAppetit featuring @Migos
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