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when the revolution began after 2015 eoin morgan was not even sure that he would be part of it but here we are
When the revolution began after 2015, Eoin Morgan was not even sure that he would be part of it, but here we are, at a World Cup final - with a team formed in his image, @sjamesjourno writes

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Bleacher Report
shaq is always with the vibes via killthenoise
Shaq is always with the vibes 🤟

(Via @killthenoise)
AFC Ajax
see you soon welcome alvarez with vamosedson
See you soon! 😍🇲🇽

Welcome Álvarez with ❌❌❌!

Rick and Morty
ominous beeping noise first look at rick and morty season 4 ominous beeping noise adultswim
*Ominous beeping noise* FIRST LOOK AT RICK AND MORTY SEASON 4 *Ominous beeping noise* @adultswim
Jonathan Feigen
james harden doing a q and a with kids at academy
James Harden doing a Q and A with kids at Academy.
Chicago Cubs
four runs please teamrizzo everybodyin
Four runs, please.

#TeamRizzo #EverybodyIn
Soledad O'Brien
unpopular opinion at least among journalists ivanka doesnt weigh in on sht about her father the president she
Unpopular opinion (at least among journalists):

Ivanka doesn’t weigh in on sh*t about her father, the President.

She does however, have a number of journalists on speed-dial, and makes sure the second-day story is always “... but Ivanka pushed back...”
NASCAR Home Tracks
what a finish congratulations patrick emerling on the tomorrow s is going to be fun
#NWMT 🤯 What a finish!!!

Congratulations Patrick Emerling on the #WhelenAllStar 🏁

Tomorrow's #Eastern100 is going to be fun

@FansChoiceTV | @NHMS
Daniel Dale
@ddale8 46 minutes
trump falsely claims the congresswomen have talked about evil jews adding that s what they say evil jews none
Trump falsely claims the congresswomen have talked about "evil Jews," adding, "That's what they say, evil Jews." None of them have said that. Omar once tweeted that Israel has committed "evil doings."
Cincinnati Reds
autographed geno funko pop giveaway retweet for your chance to win a signed eugenio suarez funko pop must ent

RETWEET for your chance to win a signed Eugenio Suárez Funko Pop! Must enter by 2 p.m. ET Sat., July 20. Rules:

Be one of the first 20K fans at Saturday's game vs. STL to receive your own!
New York Rangers
official nyr have agreed to terms with restricted free agent defenseman jacob trouba
OFFICIAL: #NYR have agreed to terms with restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba.
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