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we claim we prove times now 1st to call 2019 lok sabha elections amp lead result day coverage 9 46am majority
We claim, we prove. TIMES NOW 1st to call 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, & lead Result Day Coverage.

9:46AM- Majority for NDA announced
9:55AM- Modi’s 2nd term confirmed - #ModiPhirSe

For accurate numbers, biggest newsmakers, India trusts TIMES NOW. | @RShivshankar @navikakumar

Latest news about Lok Sabha Elections open

All India Radio News
listen special talks programs on overall analysis of fifth phase of lok sabha elections
Listen Special-Talks-Programs on ''Overall Analysis of Fifth Phase of #Lok Sabha elections'' :
vivek kaul s diary 2019 lok sabha elections and the perils of populism kaulvivek
Vivek Kaul's Diary -2019 #Lok Sabha #Elections and the Perils of #Populism - @kaul_vivek
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@CNBCnow 2 hours
oil prices jump to high of the day up more than 4 after trump says iran made a very big mistake
Oil prices jump to high of the day, up more than 4%, after Trump says Iran made a ‘very big mistake’
ITV News
@itvnews 14 minutes
boris johnson and jeremy hunt through to final round of tory leadership contest
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt through to final round of Tory leadership contest
AFP news agency
breaking defying trump us senate votes to block saudi arms sales
#BREAKING Defying Trump, US Senate votes to block Saudi arms sales
CBS News
@CBSNews 2 hours
biden slams trump s iran policy as a self inflicted disaster as us iran tensions surge
Biden slams Trump's Iran policy as a "self-inflicted disaster" as U.S-Iran tensions surge
after being criticised for allowing a man with extremist views to take part in the televised leadership debate
After being criticised for allowing a man with extremist views to take part in the televised leadership debate, the BBC says its hands were tied as he’s the frontrunner.
Jennifer Bendery
anyway amazon will pay 0 in taxes on 11200000000 in profit for 2018
Anyway, Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018
CNN International
a rare formation of wave shaped clouds wowed onlookers at virginia s smith mountain lake on tuesday
A rare formation of wave-shaped clouds wowed onlookers at Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake on Tuesday
CNN Breaking News
the supreme court rules 7 2 that a 40 foot world war i memorial cross on maryland public land does not violate
The Supreme Court rules 7-2 that a 40-foot World War I memorial cross on Maryland public land does not violate the separation between church and state
The Int'l Spectator
breaking crude oil now up 6 amid growing gulf tensions
BREAKING: Crude oil now up 6% amid growing Gulf tensions
AFP news agency
breaking trump adviser bolton traveling to israel to discuss regional security white house
#BREAKING Trump adviser Bolton traveling to Israel to discuss 'regional security:' White House
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