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Author: TRUMPNATION: THE ART OF BEING THE DONALD. Executive Editor, Gadfly, @Bfly; Bloomberg View, @BV. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, HP editor/reporter.

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"What happened in Helsinki has at its root the president’s deep character flaws — flaws that on this occasion have made him incapable of defending either the country’s interests or its honor." @RameshPonnuru https://t.co/crUgM5AoLV
Mueller asked a judge to give immunity to five people who may testify at Manafort's bank-fraud trial next week https://t.co/zvS5fsUcwa via @davidvoreacos
"Well, it’s difficult to imagine utter nonsense on a bigger scale than this," Putin said. "Please disregard these issues and don’t think about this anymore again." https://t.co/jbAMpMbIuU
Upon reviewing Helsinki transcript, President Trump said he realized that he used one wrong word when describing Russia's efforts to sabotage the 2016 election -
Meant to say: "I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia"
Said: "I don't see any reason why it would be Russia"
POTUS addressing the most pressing issue on people's minds: reviewing the Honour Guard with Queen Elizabeth.
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There may be an obvious reason President Trump appears beholden to Putin: $$. Maybe it's time to follow the money and for the GOP and Congress to require Trump to release his tax returns. I've seen his returns, and here's my column on Helsinki: https://t.co/jbAMpMbIuU
I saw Trump’s tax returns, and you should too — especially after the president’s Helsinki performance. It’s central to national security and the public interest to have a clear window onto the Trump Organization’s finances. https://t.co/RLK6Gi7CkV
Trump’s presser with Putin was all about self-preservation. In that context, as ⁦@JohnJHarwood⁩ notes, his chumminess with Putin and hostility toward US intel and law enforcement makes complete sense: https://t.co/Ct8CAPCClb
Amazon Prime Day could be more prime https://t.co/vKj8m9X9G9 via @sarahhalzack @ShiraOvide
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