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Consumer Investigative Reporter @KHOU helping viewers with all sorts of problems. Facebook ➡️ http://tinyurl.com/gv6f3rh

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Did you see the real #Christmas tree we bought on @amazon? Watch video below. Whole story in link 👉🏼 https://t.co/HDMfSCGcrR #khou11 #htownrush
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If you’re going to holiday parties, here are some HOST GIFT ideas from @DianeGottsman 👇🏼 #khou11 #htownrush
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You know it's going to be cold tomorrow but also....
#KHOU11 #HTownRush #KHOUWeather
Our REAL tree arrived from Amazon with a bird's nest in it! https://t.co/acOkH1HrPB
Look what I found @RekhaKHOU. Still not sure how YOU ended up on my dress but it made for a hilarious Sunday night! #tbt #TBThursday #khou11 Remember this @vicentearenastv ?! 👇🏼
Check out our REAL Christmas tree ordered from @amazon! What do you think? It’s on display at @SalArmyHouston! Wanna know more? 👉🏼https://t.co/6IcgN4Mwe0 #khou11 #htownrush
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More from our @amazon Christmas tree shoot. Big thanks to @SalArmyHouston for helping us out with story! 👇🏼 #khou11 #htownrush
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You know @Amazon sells REAL Christmas trees right? Well we bought a Fraser Fir🌲🌲🌲 #khou11 #htownrush
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A bullet is still lodged in his hand, his shooting hand.
Harris Co Sheriff’s Deputy James Smejkal III is in surgery now after yesterday’s shooting, standoff. Family members tell us that doctors are trying to save his right middle finger🙏🏼 #khou11 #htownrush
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