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MT @DysSupport: How a patient is turning into a doctor. She is overcoming the pressures of medical school and her neurological disorder. We love that she is able to wear her backpack of fluids to see patients. https://t.co/TCyh2epJGn https://t.co/U5wwFcogKT
Surgeon Richard Hewitt states:

“One study of children undergoing procedures on their windpipe at GOSH found that new facilities reduced patient stay time by 2.4 days per patient. This fits with global research that suggests less stressed children recover more quickly.”
It takes about 28 days to make a #habit stick. Be patient with yourself! https://t.co/sOzfkqHZXk
In this week's #NavyMedicine photo of the week, Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Zachary Hylton gives a patient an x-ray prior to a dental exam aboard @USSHARRYSTRUMAN
How does your healthcare facility plan for & manage disaster-related risks? Learn about a new cost-effective, objective, data-driven, all-hazards risk assessment tool to help your facility prepare to protect patient health in a disaster. https://t.co/hzgS5l1eEF#RISCtoolkit
2017 #HTNControlChamps @nwphysicians and @RushMedical used performance incentives to reach their patient care goals. Check out their success story! https://t.co/M38R7dr5fL
Integrating #socialservices into health care delivery can improve health & reduce spending, but it's not always clear which services a patient needs, or how best to use care teams to a patient’s advantage.
That’s where The Essential Needs Roadmap comes in. https://t.co/jMHgmfZ87p
Should We Screen This Patient for #CarotidArteryStenosis? https://t.co/4kOX1Ad6Rz. Read these Grand Rounds discussion from @BIDMChealth and comment below! #BeyondTheGuidelines
Do you volunteer in the #NHS? Become a member of the Patients Association - it’s entirely free, takes about one minute to do so, and will enable us to work together to form a unified voice to improve patient safety in health and social care: https://t.co/2dP8R7jYdf
.@CVSHealth’s real-time benefits program helps prescribers locate clinically appropriate medicines at the lowest cost available through a patient’s benefit plan. https://t.co/PpzPUyJbem
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