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retweet to save a life
retweet to save a life
I need these Instantly 😍
I need these Instantly 😍
i did like 5 squats today so if you catch me looking a lil thick tomorrow don't be alarmed
"leggings aren't pants"

oh, i'm sorry, i left how much i care in the back pocket of the jeans i'm never going to wear
I want my daughter to be best friends with her father so she knows her worth & how well she needs to be treated like a queen.
#IfWeDate I like being cute and romantic, but also sarcastic and mean cause you need a balance in a relationship
s/o to girls who smile at you as you walk by instead of giving a mean look - y'all are angels
do well in school and get a good job because the more money you make the more puppies you can adopt and puppies are the root of happiness
Having an ex on social media is annoying. U could tweet "it's such a nice day outside" & they'd tweet "only dumb bitches like nice weather"
I need a best friend like this
I need a best friend like this
do you ever just wear headphones so people won't talk to you
my heart hurts for the girls that have a bad relationship with their mom bc i wouldn't last a single day without mine
date a guy that says things like:
drive safe
text me when ur home
let's hang out w ur fam
please be careful
how was ur day
im so proud of u
If you sleep till noon you only have to pay for 2 meals instead of 3
someone please take me to Texas tulips because holy damn 😍
someone please take me to Texas tulips  because holy damn 😍
you know what's so rude how morning tummy doesn't last all day
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